Postpartum Massage Benefits: A Healing Touch for New Mothers

As a general rule, following a vaginal delivery, you can receive postpartum massage. This is possible as soon as you feel comfortable and would like to. Following a caesarean delivery, the standard recommendation is 4-6 weeks. After which point your incision will have healed and you will feel comfortable lying face down on the table.

How Soon Can You Do Postnatal Massage?

Postnatal massages can begin anytime between the 5th day to under -3 months after normal delivery. Further offering relief from symptoms such as shoulder, neck, and upper back pain caused by drawn out breastfeeding. In the event of a caesarean section, it it wise to wait until the incision has properly healed. Most new mothers undergo postnatal massage about 2-4 weeks after delivery.

Is Postpartum Massage Necessary?

Postpartum massage is a therapeutic way to address the physical and mental challenges caused by post-pregnancy and childbirth. It promotes the well-being of new mothers, smoothing the path for a healthy environment for both mother and baby.

Should I Massage My Stomach Postpartum?

Belly massage can begin as early as 2-4 days postpartum. It's important to listen to your body and start when you feel ready. However, if you have a cesarean incision, avoid the incision area. In addition, after removing the stitches, you can massage the scar to prevent adhesions.

Why Is Postpartum Massage Important?

Postpartum massage aids in fixing hormone levels which wavers significantly during and after pregnancy. Massage proves to reduce cortisol levels and assist in the regulation of mood-affecting hormones, that benefits breastfeeding mothers.

Do I Need To Pump And Dump After A Massage?

No, there is no need to pump and dump after a massage. Massage is safe for nursing mothers and infants. This do not further compel the loss of valuable breast milk due to myths about toxins.

In conclusion, postpartum massage is a vital part of postnatal care, offering numerous benefits for new mothers.

Common Questions Asked about postpartum massage

Postpartum massage helps relieve muscle aches and joint pains, improves circulation, reduces stress hormones, and enhances mood. It can also assist in better sleep patterns and help the body return to its pre-pregnancy state more swiftly.

Postpartum massage can enhance milk production by promoting relaxation and reducing stress. It helps to release oxytocin, a hormone that stimulates milk flow, making breastfeeding easier for both mother and baby.

Yes, it's important for new mothers to communicate any discomfort during the massage. For those who had a cesarean delivery, special care should be taken to avoid the incision area to prevent irritation or infection. Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting massage therapy after childbirth.

Absolutely. Beyond the physical benefits, postpartum massage provides emotional relief by helping to cope with postpartum depression and anxiety.

The soothing effect of massage therapy can significantly decrease stress and promote a positive mood.