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Does this sound like you

You're a busy young working adult, aspiring to transform into a confident and radiant individual.

Right now, your focus is on skincare, and your ultimate goal is to maintain a youthful appearance and slow down the signs of aging.

But in the meantime, you'd be over the moon if you could just achieve clear and healthy skin.

However, there's a hurdle to overcome: figuring out how to maintain a comprehensive skincare routine amidst a busy schedule before making progress.

And, it's likely that inconsistency of over-the-counter products and your busy working schedules are causing you immense frustration.

Believe me; I've been in your shoes - many times!

For a while, I grappled with this crucial question: "How can I achieve clear and healthy skin without the hassle and inconsistency of over-the-counter products amdist your busy work schedule"

Ultimately, all you want is to achieve clear and healthy skinslow down the signs of aging amidst your busy work schedule, and avoid the frustration of inconsistent results.

If this resonates with you, then let me introduce...


Acne, or spots on our skin, can happen to anyone, no matter if they're a teenager, a grown-up, or even older. In girls, times like when a baby is growing inside them or their monthly cycle can make these spots appear more often, because of changes in their body hormones. If we don't take care of these spots early, they can leave marks.


Acne scars are permanent irregularities on the surface of skin resulting from inflammatory changes caused by acne.

During the course of active acne and its subsequent healing response, there is destruction of normal collagen and the formation of abnormal collagen fibers. This may result in eventual formation of indentations on the skin surface, or less commonly, raised bumps and ridges. The likelihood of face scar formation tends to correlate with the severity of acne and pimples scars.




Acne Scars happen when spots or bumps, like the ones that sometimes have yucky stuff in them, get very angry and red, then burst. When they "pop", they can hurt the walls of the pores where your hair grows. The stuff inside the angry spots can leak out and hurt the skin around them. This is how the marks that "acne scars" are made.

Depressed Acne Scars

When the tiny holes where your hair grow have big, deep breaks, it really hurts your skin. This can cause big dents in your skin, what we call "depressed scars". When your skin tries to fix itself, it creates collagen, kind of like a special band-aid. But if your skin doesn't make enough of these special band-aids, it can't become as smooth and prefect as it was before.
Acne Scars Pimple Scars Skin Treatment Singapore | IMAGO Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

Acne Scars (Red Marks)

Post Inflammatory Erythema, or PIE for short, which we also call red acne marks, happens when the blood can't flow right because of a spot or bump that's making the skin angry and red. These red or pink marks on your skin can happen because of the angry, red skin, or because the tiny tubes that carry blood in your skin get too big hurt. PIR can happen more when your skin gets thinner as it's trying to recover.
Face Scar Pigmentation Treatment Singapore | Aesthetic Singapore

Acne Scars (Pigmentation)

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, or PIH for short, happens when a spot or a bump makes your skin very angry and red. While trying to fix itself, your skin makes too much of a thing called melanin, which is what gives your skin its color. This can make the skin look darker or a different color. This color change can stay even after the spot or bump is all recovering. Also picking or popping a spot can make PIH happen because it makes the skin even more red and angry.


ICEPICK Scars Treatment | Best  Aesthetic Clinic Singapore


Typically, narrow and deep-pitted holes measuring up to 2mm are seen on the skin surface. They are commonly found on the cheeks area and resemble a “punctate” appearance.  
Rolling Scars - Acne Scars: Treatment, Removal, and More By IMAGO Aesthetic Clinic

Rolling Scars (> 4-5mm)

Their appearance resembles wider depressions on the skin with less well defined edges. The depressions tend to be broad and shallow, and they occur primarily on the cheeks and jawline.
BOXCAR Scars | How to Get Rid of Scars: Treatments and Home Remedies | IMAGO Aesthetic Clinic

Boxcar Scars (> 1-4mm)

These scars have a relatively wider cross-section. They are oval or round depression with distinct edges that somewhat resemble scars left by chicken pox. They are often found on cheeks and temples.  
Hypertrophic Scars: Acne Scar Removal & Treatment By Best Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

Raised (Hypertophic) Scars 

The other type of scars, also known as hypertrophic scars, are caused by hyper or excessive tissue generation.  These scars are thick and shaped as raised bumps on the skin surface. The raised scars form as a result of the skin’s over healing response to injury. The condition is mostly seen in body areas covered by taut skin after suffering trauma such as burns or surgery.  


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Acne scar treatment requires a customised treatment protocol. That's where our doctors come in, with the experience to assess the severity of your scars and advise suitable treatment approach and protocol.


There is no one size fits all. Rest assured, just let our friendly doctors understand more about your unique skin conditions to ensure all concern were addressed.

✅ Catered To Individual Skin Concerns
✅ Assess the type, extent, and severity of your acne scars
✅ Customize and discuss a treatment protocol suitable for your needs, preferences, schedule, and budget
✅ Regular reviews to assess the progress of your acne scar treatments


Performed by MOH Registered Doctor
Affordable Dermal Fillers For Acne Scar Removal and Pimples Scar Treatment  | IMAGO Aesthetic Clinic in Ang Mo Kio Hub

Fillers / RJN S

RJN S (scar) contains long chain polymeric nucleotides derived from salmon DNA. It also acts like a filler to fill up sunken scars. RJN S can work together with fractional resurfacing lasers (such as CO2, clear and brilliant) to target depressed acne scars. It builds on the ability of polynucleotide in plumping up depressed scars by creating a three-dimensional scaffold for collagen formation. Learn More Here


Treats Scars, Smoothens the skin, Skin renewal to regain youthful-looking skin

Fractional Ablative Laser treats boxcar scars, rolling scars and ice pick scars.
This laser therapy employs focused beams of light to create microscopic channels in the skin, triggering the body’s natural healing response. As the skin repairs itself, collagen production is stimulated, leading to a smoother, more even complexion. Fractional Ablative laser is particularly effective for treating atrophic scars, such as Rolling and Box scars, by promoting collagen remodeling and skin regeneration.

Acne scar treatment entails effective acne control to minimise formation of new face scar. All acne scar treatments should be individualised depending on the type of face scars and their location. Often, it is beneficial to combine more than one type of face scar removal treatment as a multi-modal approach to correct different aspects of acne scarring and pimple scars.


The laser emits tiny microthermal zones in the treated areas. With thousands of beams at a diameter of a hair penetrating deep into layers of your skin, it creates numerous microscopic thermal injury zones.

It target scars and old collagen without damaging surround tissue while stimulating collagen production for new tissue regenerate.

The treatment is typically done in a series of sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, depending on condition. Most people see results after just a few sessions.


Prior the laser treatment Singapore, numbing cream is applied on the face for 15-30 minutes.

Fractional Ablative Laser procedure will take about 10-15 minutes, during which our doctor will treat the whole face or targeted areas, depending on patient’s condition.

Treatment is comfortable with little downtime and pain, the skin feels slightly red and warm after the session.

Carbon Peel Laser Treatment Chart
An Overview of Acne Scar Removal Laser
Treatment Duration 15-30 Minutes
Recommended Sessions 5-10 Sessions
Recommended Interval Every 4-6 Weeks
Recovery Time 3-7 Days
Trial Treatment Cost From S$99


Acne scars are complicated skin problems that are caused by more than just how your skin looks. Things like hormones in your body, the genes you got from your parents, and feeling stressed can make you have spots, but the ways to help them are more than just skin-deep. Plus, everyone's acne scars are different, so they can't all be helped in the same way. To really help acne scars, we have to find out what's causing them in the first place. Figuring out the real reasons why you have spots is a very important part of treating them. So, a treatment plan that is made just for you and based on doctor's knowledge can really help get rid of spots.


With so many facts about spots and acne scar treatments, it can be hard to understand what's the best help for your skin. That's because not all treatments are good for everyone. People have different types of acne scars, so they need different types of treatments. This is why it's very important to talk to a doctor and have them look at your skin before you decide what treatment to use.

There are many types of treatments for acne scars, like chemical peels, TCA, fractional Erbium Yag, fractional CO2 laser, dermal fillers, ablative radiofrequency, and radiofrequency (RF) microneedling. It not only lessens the oil on your skin, but it also helps the hurt skin to get treated without hurting the skin around it.

Sylfirm X RF Microneedling Treatment Chart
Treatment Time 60 minutes
Recommended Session 3-6 sessions
Recommended Interval Every 4 weeks
Recovery Time Minimal to No downtime
Microneedling RF Singapore Price For Acne Scar From $350


  • You've been suffering with acne scars for a long time.
  • The size of the scars have been affecting your daily lifestyle.
  • The scars are deep or raised, and are visibly noticeable.
  • The treatments you have tried still has marks left behind.
  • Your scars have led to hyperpigmentation.

Redness is to be expected after the procedure followed by micro-crusts and should resolve in a week.

Numbing cream will first be applied before the procedure to ensure maximum comfort during the procedure. The procedure itself is quick and takes about 15 mins.

It works by removing outer layers of damaged skin and stimulate the skin underneath to regenerate. The energy heats up the dermis layer and stimulate our body’s natural repair process to rebuild lost collagen in the skin. Concurrently, fractional technology leaves the healthy tissues intact between the laser beams to accelerate tissue healing.  For Acne Scars, the CO2 Laser breaks up the scar tissue and stimulates collagen to smoothen these scars out.

Most patients will find this procedure highly tolerable.

Results can be seen with each session and subsequent sessions may be required to achieve optimal results.

Recovery from light superficial treatments may require 1-3 days. Makeup may be used during this time.

Stronger treatments may require a few days for recovery.

Pink discoloration is normal and is temporary, and can be camouflaged with makeup. Light superficial laser treatments require minimal downtime, and is beneficial for patients with fine lines and discoloration of the skin.

Yes, definitely! Sun protection after the RF Microneedling treatment is required to protect and prevent side effects such as hyperpigmentation and prolonged redness. It is recommended to use sunblock with at least SPF30.  Additionally, sun/ direct UV rays avoidance is also much advised.

The type of scarring left behind after pimples / acne determines whether the scarring is permanent. Acne scarring may heal away on its own over time in certain circumstances. 

Medical treatment may be required for deeper and bigger scars. Most of the treatment results are permanent and you can expect an improvement of 50% to 70%. Results is based on individuals.

For most treatment, we will apply topical numbing cream minimise discomfort during acne scar treatments. However, there are some treatment combinations might be mild to moderate pain.

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