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Non-Invasive Vaginal Tightening & Rejuvenation Treatment

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Restore Feminine Health

As we age, the muscles in our pelvic floor often naturally become weaker. Strain for vaginal birth or low sex hormones during menopause can cause symptoms. This includes leaks, drips as well as stress incontinence, along with increased vaginal laxity and lost elasticity.

EMFiore offers a non-invasive vaginal tightening treatment. It aims to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and restore the vagina while easing symptoms of vaginal laxity.

A safe and easy solution, EMFiore is ideal for post-partum mothers as well as menopausal women. It further restores feminine pelvic health with long lasting results.

What Is Vaginal Laxity?

Women often do not talk about vaginal laxity, although it is a very common condition.

A lack of collagen and a loss of muscle strength in the vaginal tissues and sucles cause vaginal laxity. This is also a condition that falls under the broader category of Genitourary Symptoms of Menopause (GSM). It can trigger a variety of intimate health issues for women, and make sex and sexual relationships less pleasant.

Vaginal laxity reduces sensation during sex, making it less exciting and amusing. This can further decrease your sex drive. It can also make it more difficult to reach orgasm for many women. Vaginal dryness, common with vaginal laxity, can make sex painful or difficult due to parchness. The vagina walls can even chafe, causing pain.

Traditional treatments like surgical Vaginoplasty are highly invasive, carry significant risks, and require long recovery periods. This means that many women suffering from vaginal laxity have had to sit and suffer in silence in the past. Now, options like the EMFiore "Kegel Throne" Chair offers a way to enhance pelvic health. And it also boosts your sex life and self confidence! 

Vaginal delivery greatly stresses the vaginal walls, made of collagen and fibrous material, causing them to stretch excessively. This further reduces sensitivity and tightness, leading to vaginal laxity.

Vaginal Laxity can also occur due to:

  • Menopause
  • Weight shift
  • Natural aging
  • Cancer treatments

What Causes Vaginal Laxity?

The most common causes of vaginal laxity are menopause impacts and effects from vaginal child birth.

Most women start menopause between 45 and 55, experience significant hormone changes. This sharp sex hormones drop reduces collagen levels, impacting health and also aging signs. From the mid-20s, collagen production slows, affecting body and skin agins; lower sexual hormones further decreases it during menopause.

A drop in collagen reduces skin elasticity, causing fine lines, wrinkle as well as muscle tone loss. This leads to vaginal laxity and other menopausal symtoms, distinctly known as GSM.

When Does Vaginal Laxity Occur? 

Vaginal laxity happens when vaginal canal tissues and pelvic floor muscles weaken. This often happens from collagen loss or reduced muscle tone, causing various issues.. These can include a higher chance of stress incontinence, looseness and lack of sensation in the vagina during sex. This can make having sex more difficult due to vaginal dryness and pain.

Childbirth can cause vaginal laxity as the vagina and canal face immense strain during vaginal birth. Women with long or complicated births, larger babies, or multiple deliveries are more likely to experience vaginal laxity. Damage during child birth may prevent the vagina, naturally able to tighten and relax, from tightening effectively afterwards.

EMFiore's non-invasive vaginal tightening treatment helps women regain control over their lives and sexuality, freeing them from vaginal laxity symptoms.

Problems After Pregnancy

Urinary incontinence

Urinary Incontinence is the unsual loss of urine due to physical movements. Activities such as cough, sneeze, or heavy lifting that place increased stress on the bladder. This occurs when that muscles support the bladder control the release of urine due to child birth or aging.

Bladder Prolapse

A common issue face by most women because of pregnancy and child birth. This causes forced urine leak when you impose a cough, laugh, and run, etc. Others may experience urgency and frequency of urination.

Vagina laxity

Many reasons for this: more than on child birth, aging, hormone changes. These causes our pelvic floor muscles and tissues to weaken. Women with “lax” vagina face decrease pleasure during sexual inter course that results in low sexual content.

How Does EMFiore Treat Vaginal Laxity?

EMFiore Vagina Rejuvenation Treatment, also known as the “Kegel Throne” is a painless and non-invasive treatment specific for vagina rejuvenation. That effectively tightens the internal muscles of the vagina and pelvic area. All you need to do is to sit down on the “Kegel Throne” and let it work its magic.

This EMFIORE treatment uses Electromagnetic energy to induce thousands of pelvic floor muscle contractions.

EMFIORE treatment works by using focused Electromagnetic energy directly target the muscles in the pelvic floor. Electro-magnetic waves carefully relax and contract the pelvic floor muscles, working them our like any other muscle. It connects with the vaginal canal and breaching muscles. Then further strengthen and tighten them for a more secure pelvic floor and tighter canals. This boosts sexual pleasure for both partners by creating more concrete uproar and repairing the vagina. 

Through this treatment, the woman exposes to pelvic bulid up effects of 20,000 Kegels in 30 minutes

All within one session and without breaking into a sweat.

Say NO To Vaginal Laxity With Emfiore Kegel Throne Treatment

Your Solution

Elevate your feminine self-care with EMFiore V-rejuvenation treatment (30 mins/session):

$68 Trial

Trial comes with:

  1. Consult and Assess
  2. Therapy Service
  3. Safe & Effective Recovery with Fast Visible Results
  4. Strengthen Pelvic Muscles 
  5. Repairs And Tightens Vagina Canal
  6. Increases Elasticity & Stimulates Collagen Production
  7. Improves Muscle Tone
  8. Improves Intimate Sensation
  9. Reduces Urine Leakage
  10. Treat Vaginal Laxity
  11. 30 Minute Treatment

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Treating Vaginal Laxity With EMFIORE “Kegel Throne” Therapy

“Kegel Throne”is a painless and non-invasive treatment specific for vagina restore. That effectively tightens the innate muscles of the vagina and pelvic area. All you need to do is to sit down on the“Kegel Throne”and let it work its magic.

This treatment uses Electromagnetic energy to induce thousands of pelvic floor muscle contractions. Through this treatment, the mother experiences pelvic build up effects of 20,000 Kegels. All within one session and without breaking into a sweat.

This improves vaginal laxity with no downtime by improving control over pelvic area muscles. Stronger pelvic muscles help mothers and women avoid concerns about vaginal looseness and reduced impact during sex.

EMFIORE Treatment Benefits


A kegel is the contraction of pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder, vagina, uterus as well as rectum. Kegel work out can help with the following: 

1: Improved sex life 
2: Overall fitness 
3: Improved pelvic health 
4: Post-partum recovery 
5: Reduce Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)
6: Urinary incontinence 
7: Improved back and hip support

EMFiore treatment can achieve up to 20.000 kegels per session, helping to improve the conditions mentioned above.

You can see results in one session, with continued upgrades over more session. The number of sessions recommended depends on your condition's severity to achieve desired results. 

​EMFiore treatment not only improve feminine health but can also help men with Erectile Dysfunction.

How Much Does An EMFIORE Session Cost?

Treatment Price of Emfiore Chair treatment starts from $450 per session. We advise patients to consult before treatment to assess your needs. As the treatment targets muscle recovery, tissue healing and restore for best recovery of the conditions.

Emfiore Chair Treatment Trial Price at $68 Includes:

  • Comprehensive Personalised Assessment
  • Treatment using EMFIORE CHAIR Kegel Exercises Technology