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Do Your Urine Leak When You Cough, Sneeze Or Engage in Sports Activities? Do You Need To Go To The Bathroom Often?

Are you holding back from your bosom life for the past months due to the awful unease of leaking? If you are feeling that, then you are likely under the pain of addressing uncontrollable urinary leakage.

The struggle with incontinence extends beyond the inconvenience, affecting confidence, social activities, and overall well-being. It’s time to address the issue at its core and explore effective solutions that provide lasting relief.

Don’t let incontinence control your life. We can help you address uncontrollable urinary leakage with our latest technology, without the need for surgery.

What Is Incontinence?

A common type of incontinence is stress incontinence, where the pelvic floor muscles further weakens that cause leakage. Because the pelvic floor muscles wrap tightly around the urethra, holding the whole together. Also, after child birth and Menopause the muscles can become weaker that cause incontinence. This means that the muscles don’t wrap so tightly around the urethra and bladder. They can relax at some awkward times, leading to leaks of shame!

Prostate surgery can also result in incontinence. Also, here we help people address uncontrollable urinary leakage which have gone through sorts of trauma with this treatment.

What Causes Incontinence?

Stress Urinary Incontinence, cause by weak pelvic floor muscles that cannot support the bladder. This can lead to forced urinary leaks that usually occurs with a cough, sneeze or physical workout.

Weak pelvic floor often occurs with pregnancy due to the extra weight and pressure that stresses the pelvic floor muscles.

Symptoms Of Urinary Incontinence

Urinary Incontinence refers to a loss of bladder control. Females are likely to suffer from incontinence than males which accounts pregnancy, child birth and hormone change during menopause.

Signs of incontinence can include:

  • Weak bladder control
  • Forced urinary leakage during a work out such as a cough, sneeze or jump
  • Frequent urination with sudden & wild urges

Problems After Pregnancy

Urinary incontinence

Urinary Incontinence is the unsual loss of urine due to physical movements. Activities such as cough, sneeze, or heavy lifting that place increased stress on the bladder. This occurs when that muscles support the bladder control the release of urine due to child birth or aging.

Bladder Prolapse

A common issue face by most women because of pregnancy and child birth. This causes forced urine leak when you impose a cough, laugh, and run, etc. Others may experience urgency and frequency of urination.

Vagina laxity

Many reasons for this: more than on child birth, aging, hormone change. These causes our pelvic floor muscles and tissues to weaken. Women with “lax” vagina face decrease pleasure during sexual inter course that results in low sexual conten


Urinary incontinence that is persistent. Furthermore, not due to any pre-existing medical condition is generally due to a weak pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles support the bladder (as well as the uterus and rectum). When pelvic floor is weaken, is unable to support bladder control.

Common signs include:

  • Urinary leakage during a cough, sneeze or physical activity (e.g. jumping, running)
  • Frequent and having wild urges to urinate
  • Inability to support good bladder control
Say NO To Uncontrollable Urinary Leakage (Incontinence)

Your Solution

Elevate your feminine self-care with EMFiore V-rejuvenation treatment (30 mins/session):

$68 Trial

Trial comes with:

  1. Consultation and assessment
  2. Therapy service
  3. Safe & Effective Recovery with Fast Visible Results
  4. Pelvic Muscle Strengthening
  5. Slim and Shape

Don’t let incontinence control your life. Treat out of control urine leakage with our latest technology, without the need for surgery.

Your solution for both post-partum mothers and women with menopause. That are looking for a safe and easy solution to restore feminine pelvic vigor with long lasting results!

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common treatment for stress incontinence is Kegel exercise that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles little by little. Often to tense and relax them, these can be helpful but are slow and difficult. For women with very weak pelvic floor muscles, are often not possible.

Usually, Kegel exercise is helpful and non-invasive key to improve pelvic floor muscle strength. However, it is tough for many to find out the correct muscles to work on and maintain the main focus.

For those with more severe forms of incontinence, Kegels may not be helpful.

When carrying out wrong Kegel exercise, risks can occur. From further weaken the pelvic floor muscles to tighten to cause inter-course painful. There are many ways this approach can go wrong for a patient.

EMFiore is the extension of EmShape, a treatment that helps to build muscle and sculpt the body. EMFiore usually tackle feminine health instead of body sculpting. A single session of EMFiore is equivalent to 50,000 kegel exercises in just 30 minutes. 

Treating Stress Incontinence With EMFIORE “Kegel Throne” Therapy

“Kegel Throne”is a painless and non-invasive treatment specific for vagina rejuvenation. That effectively tightens the internal muscles of the vagina and pelvic area. All you need to do is to sit down on the“Kegel Throne”and let it work its magic.

This treatment uses electromagnetic energy to induce thousands of pelvic floor muscle contractions. Through this treatment, the mother experiences pelvic strengthening effects of 50,000 Kegels – the equivalent of 5.5 hours of exercise. All within one session and without breaking into a sweat.

This reduces stress incontinence with no downtime by improving control over pelvic area muscles. Hence it reduces the chances of urine leaks in the future.

With stronger pelvic muscles, mothers and/or women will no longer worry about urges from  urine leaks… From sneeze, laughing, coughing or lifting heavy stuff.

Risk Factors And Complications Of Urinary Incontinence

Factors that increase the risk that causes urinary incontinence include:

  • Gender – Women that are more prone to stress incontinence due to pregnancy, child birth and menopause
  • Age – The natural ageing process and hormonal changes cause muscles to weaken over time
  • Weight – Being heavy increases pressure on the bladder and pelvic floor, also weakens the muscles


The pelvic floor muscles support the pelvic floor organs and muscle control. However, natural body aging, child birth and menopause can cause this group of muscles to become idle. This further results in incontinence problems such as urine leaks when you cough or sneeze.

The EMFIORE treatment is a non-invasive care treatment for incontinence and improving intimate moments. Emfiore treatment boosts and strengthens all the pelvic floor muscles. It is not just a group of muscles that can exercise with forced contractions (Kegel exercise). These 
stronger pelvic floor muscles restore control and the faith to enjoy normal daily activities. Also without fear of losing bladder control and unenjoyable intimate moments.

During each 30 minute session you sit in comfort on the EMSHAPE EMFIORE chair. It creates thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions.  Where each session is equals to doing 50,000 kegel exercises but without you literally doing it!

The treatment is non-invasive, and you will remain fully clothed during the process. It also require no drugs and you may feel a slight tingle during the treatment. Additionally with no downtime you can leave after each session and resume daily life in an instant.

Most people may require a course of six sessions over a period of three weeks to see optimal results. However, some may see results after just two or three treatment sessions.

EMFIORE Treatment Benefits


A kegel refers to the contraction of pelvic floor muscles. Which is also a muscle that helps surround and supports the bladder, vagina, uterus & rectum. Kegel exercises can help with the following: 

1: Improved sex life 
2: Overall fitness 
3: Improved pelvic health 
4: Post-partum recovery 
5: Reduce Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)
6: Urinary incontinence 
7: Improved back and hip support

​The EMFiore Treatment can help you to achieve up to 50,000 kegels / session. This can help to treat and improve the conditions mentioned above.

Results are notable within 1 session, and with progressive improvement with more sessions. To achieve your desired results, we may recommened several sessions, depending on the severity of your condition. 

​Besides, improving your health, EMFiore treatment can also improve erectile dysfunction in Men.

What Is The Downside Of EMFIORE TREATMENT?

Side Effects & Risks

Sore muscles. Short term joint or tendon pain. Temporary muscle spasms. Local Erythema or redness.

What Are The Side Effects Of EMFIORE Kegel Throne Technology?

Side effects consists of short term mild flush on the skin and sore stomach muscles.

The risks and side effects of EMFIORE Kegel Throne treatment are mild and short term. Some of the most common risks and side effects include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Muscle sore

What Are The Other Treatment Options?

Bladder and pelvic muscle exercise –
The exercise, that is Kegel exercise. They can help strengthen the muscles in the pelvis, bladder and uterus for better urine control.

Lifestyle changes 
Certain lifestyle changes can help reduce the symptoms and strength of urinary incontinence. These may include keeping a healthy weight, control caffeine consumption and not smoking, among others.

How Much Does An EMFIORE Session Cost?

Treatment Price of Emfiore Chair treatment starts from $450 per session. We advise patients to consult before treatment to assess your needs. As the treatment targets muscle recovery, tissue healing and restore for best recovery of the conditions.

Emfiore Chair Treatment Trial Price at $68 Includes:

  • Comprehensive Personalised Assessment
  • Treatment using EMFIORE CHAIR Kegel Exercises Technology

FAQ About EMFIORE Pelvic Floor Exercises

This will vary for each customer, depending on severity of the condition. Consultation with our beauty therapists will help provide more accurate evaluation and recommendations.

Your exact treatment plan will be tailored to your needs. For optimum results, most people need a course of six sessions, with 2 sessions per week over a period of three weeks.

In extreme cases, further sessions are required, but otherwise, a maintenance session every three to twelve months is enough.

Visible results will vary, depending on the extent of the condition for individual customers.

Treatment sessions are approximately 30 minutes long, and the procedure is not at all painful. You can either bring a friend or family member along to chat to during the treatment or read a book or magazine if you would prefer.

During treatment, some patients feel the tensing and relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles which has been described as a similar feeling to doing Kegel exercises.

You will experience tingling and pelvic floor muscles contractions during the procedure. You may resume daily activities immediately after the treatment.

You can start the treatments 3 months after delivery OR this treatment may be suitable for ladies 1-2 weeks after natural birth to aid in postpartum recovery process.

However, it is not recommended for ladies who undergone C-section until the wound is healed. Please consult our beauty therapists for advise.

Better results can be achieved faster due to the intensity and coverage that can be achieved using the EMFIORE chair.

  • The EMFIORE chair stimulates powerful contractions of the entire pelvic floor musculature. Not just the subset that can be exercised with Kegel exercises.
  • Each 30-minute session in the chair is equivalent to doing 50,000 pelvic floor exercises.

A single Emfiore treatment takes less than half an hour - 30 minutes to be precise!

You will need about 6 sessions, scheduled twice a week

If you are struggling with stress incontinence, Emfiore might be the treatment for you.

Emfiore "Kegel Throne" Chair can improve the symptoms of stress incontinence caused by menopause or childbirth, as well as other intimate health conditions, including vaginal laxity and difficulty reaching orgasm.

However, if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, have metal plates in your body, such as hip replacements or if you have a copper coil or IUD, then Emfiore is not suitable for you, and we can help give you the information you need to choose a different treatment in these cases. You should also remove any intimate piercings before treatment. For ladies who are menstruating, we would advise scheduling your treatment 10 days after your period.