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Eyelid rejuvenation are usually patients who are suffering from symptoms around the eye area like:

✔ Wrinkled skin
✔ Fatigued or overworked look
✔ Droopy lids


Most of these conditions can be corrected by Imago Eyelid Rejuvenation treatment. By treating on areas like the muscles and skin, the appearance of the affected areas can be reduced. These benefits mostly include:

  • A tighter rejuvenated skin
  • Brighter and youthful appearance
  • Balance outlook between the eyelid and eyebrow area

Enhancing the Eyelid Rejuvenation with Imago Brow Lift Treatments for better outlook effects.


Liquid lift is a skin lifting procedure that uses a liquid treatment on strategic spots to give you a natural looking facelift. Thus it is used on our Brow lift treatments to lift up your eyebrows without the need for surgery.

If also fills up the line, tighten skin to give you a rejuvenated fresh outlook. This treatment has minimal pain and downtime with predictable results.

Combined Therapy

In many occasion, patients would like to complement their new appealing eyelid with other additional treatments features on their face. A few common combinations includes:

  • Fillers on the cheek structure, for a more defined V look appearance
  • Skin treatments for a more youthful glow
  • Botox in the eye area to reduce fine lines and facial wrinkles

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