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IMAGO Eyelash Treatments

If you have always wanted that natural fuller and longer eyelashes, our Imago Eyelash Growth treatment serum is the preferred choice. Thin eyelashes could be due to reasons like breakage or the pull-out from eyelash extension. Now you can ease your worries and grow that natural looking eyelash

You can expect:

  • Stronger eyelash hair roots
  • Longer and fuller eyelashes
  • Repair and renew damaged eyelash

What is Imago Eyelash Growth treatment serum?

It is a serum designed to assist eyelashes to grow thicker, fuller and renew damaged areas

How does it work?

All you have to do is apply our serum once daily in the evening. It is a simple procedure by just applying it to the base of the upper eyelashes.

Expected results?

Results are expected to be seen around 8 weeks of the treatment. Apply the serum diligently daily for results to be seen early.


If you have further questions, we are glad to assist you. Do leave your contact details and our assigned specialist will get in touch with you.

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