Acne Scar Singapore


Acne Scar Singapore

Acne scars can be caused by a variety of factors, including the severity and duration of the acne, the individual's skin type, and genetics. Some people may be more prone to developing acne scars than others.

Our remodelling skin collagen treatment assists in reducing acne scar conditions. This is made possible by using needle. RF Microneedles to be exact, which doesn’t hurt as much as you might think. It’s an extremely precise treatment thanks to the latest in Gold RF microneedling technology, and the result is an improved overall look and tone of your skin.

It penetrates deeply into the skin to remove unwanted acne scarring, enlarged pores, wrinkles and fine lines. It targets scars and old collagen without damaging surround tissue while stimulating collagen production for new tissue regenerate.

Suitable for

(1) Acne Scars

(2) Depressed Skin Scars

(3) Enlarged Pores

Different types of Acne Scars will require different types of treatment(s) and techniques as there is NO one-size-fits-all treatment method.

With years of experience and a special interest in treating Acne Scars Singapore, our aesthetic doctor will be able to diagnose, approach these Acne Scars from different angles and come up with the most appropriate treatment for Acne Scars

Types of Acne Scars include:
(1) Rolling Scars: Wide base, rounded edges
(2) Ice Pick Scars: Small entry point with sharp steep edges; like a “V”
(3) Boxcar Scars: Wider base, sharply demarcated edges; like a box; They can be superficial or deep.
(4) Pigmented scars: Dark spots /discoloration left behind by acne.

Know More

As everyone is different, our Aesthetic Doctor will specially design a personalized treatment plan just for you during the consultation which can help you to achieve your desired results according to your aesthetic goals and needs.

If you are keen on a treatment and would like to know more, you may make an enquiry with us. Do feel free to contact us to book a consultation so that our team of experts may solve all your acne scar worries.

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