Our Doctor

Meet Our Doctor

Hi there, nice to meet you. I am Dr. Xiao Weibin, an aesthetic doctor in Singapore.

My experience with aesthetic medicine has been an exciting, fulfilling and challenging one.

  • Exciting, because I enjoy working and performing procedures with my hands.
  • Fulfilling, because I am able to help people improve their well being.
  • Challenging, because the field of aesthetics is constantly evolving.

It is a combination of art and science, to improve what we can see on the outside and heal what we feel on the inside.

Back in school, I was teased for being chubby and also suffered from constant acne outbreaks which led to scarring and redness on my face. I felt judged for the way I look and for something I have no control over. It was a huge blow to my self esteem and confidence.

Now, I am happy when I can help you improve your appearance visually. But no words can describe the feeling when I see your smile as you finally let go of that physical burden that has been weighing you down.

We all age and deal with a certain kind of imperfection – you don’t have to go chase lines and spots if they don’t concern you. While outward beauty is something we all wish for, the most beautiful people we cherish are those who love and have been kind.

I look forward to meeting you at the clinic!