Skin Tag, Mila Seed Removal Singapore

Skin tags are fairly frequent beyond the age of 40, and they can form anywhere on the body. It is an elevated bit of skin that resembles a small piece of soft, hanging skin and may have a stalk.

Skin tags are commonly found in the folds of the skin and where skin scrapes against clothes. The neck, eyes, underarm region, under the breasts, and crotch are all common spots.

Techniques to remove skin tags can also be used to remove moles, milia seeds, oil seeds and warts. Generally, the benefits of laser removal are:
> Low risk of scarring & infections
> Can completely remove the root of skin tags
> Promote new collagen production
> Performed by HSA approved doctors

There are three effective skin tag removal techniques in Singapore. The procedure is fast (10-15mins) with immediate results and minimal downtime.

How to remove skin tags?

There are 3 effective skin tag removal method:
⦁ Surgical excision,
⦁ Electrocautery and
⦁ Laser removal.
For larger skin tags, excision may be required. However, in most cases, laser removal is precise, safe, effective and does not leave a scar.
Lasers work by destroying the damaged skin cells that cause skin tags. As skin tags are found in the deep layers of the skin, lasers can aid in their removal by producing small wounds to promote healing process.
As the laser penetrate the skin tags, surrounding skin surface will not be damaged. The heat from the laser will also promote new skin cells and collagen production. After a few laser treatments, you’ll notice smoother and brighter skin.

Skin Tag Removal benefits:

⦁ Proper assessment on types of skin tag
⦁ Laser removal with no scars
⦁ Minimal downtime & pain
⦁ Medical protocol for removal aftercare
⦁ Visible results from 1st session

Procedure details:

⦁ Skin tag assessment and explain removal techniques
⦁ Topical numbing cream will be applied prior to procedure to reduce pain
⦁ 10 mins laser skin bump removal performed by Doctor
⦁ Minimal downtime

Are Skin Tags Harmful?

Skin tags are absolutely safe and have no effect on your overall health. The majority of the time, they do not cause any pain or discomfort. It’s possible that you’re not even aware that you have skin bumps in specific spots.
Most skin bump removal is due to cosmetic reasons. There is no pressing need to remove skin tag unless:
> Appear in inconvenient areas / body parts
> Very noticeable that it affects you cosmetically
> Causes irritation and inflamed by movement
It is important to consult an experienced clinic to ensure the proper assessment of skin tags. Most removal occurs on the face and neck as it is bothersome and unsightly.

Mole removal via electrocautery @ $375 (< 5 moles, there after $53.50 per additional mole)
Mole removal via laser @ $375 (<3 moles, there after $80.25 per additional mole)
Mole removal via excision @ $375 per mole
*Price quoted include GST and is subjected to change without prior notice

How does Laser Mole, Skintag, Wart Removal Work?

Our Aesthetic Doctor uses the Fractional CO2 ablative laser for removal of Milia Seeds, Skin Tags, Oil Clogs and other types of skin bumps.
Its precise nature means that Laser Removal is able to safely and effectively remove Milia Seeds, Skin Tags, Oil Clogs and other types of skin bumps with minimal damage to surrounding skin tissue – shortening recovery time and minimising the risk of scarring.
Depending on size, the procedure takes between 10 to 15 minutes per bump with immediate results. Healing may take between 1 to 3 weeks depending on the size of the mole / bump removed.
Should the mole or skin bump be too large or deep, our Aesthetic Doctor may choose to complete the procedure over 2 to 3 sessions to minimise the risk of complications such as scarring and infection.

Treatment Experience

Before starting the procedure, a strong numbing cream will be applied if there are multiple bumps to be removed.
For the removal of large moles / bumps which may be more invasive, our Aesthetic Doctor prefers to give an injection of local anaesthesia.
After numbing cream / local anaesthesia, the procedure is nearly painless!
During the procedure, the mole / bump is removed precisely in layers by the CO2 laser.
Our Aesthetic Doctor will strive to remove as much of the mole / bump during the procedure as possible whilst maintaining excellent cosmetic results.
Should the procedure be too invasive, our Aesthetic Doctor prefers to perform the removal over several sessions to minimise the risk of scarring.
Post-procedure, we recommend that patients apply an antibiotic cream, recovery cream and scar-gel for best results.
Our Aesthetic Doctor will review patients 1 month after the procedure to assess the wound’s recovery and to determine if a second session is needed.