Chin Fillers

Have you been desiring for a V-shaped face? As Asian, most of us are born with a round-shape face.  Though we can’t change this fact, we are glad that with the treatment of Imago Chin Fillers, we are able to adjust and create that desired V-shaped look for you.
This is possible by injecting fillers on the chin to lift up the chin area. With the chin lifted up, it creates a visual look of a slimmer face. It better proportioned your face and balance the structuring of the face area. These areas are usually injected using fillers containing Hyaluronic acid

Purpose of Hyaluronic acid

The aim of Hyaluronic acid (HA) is to add moisture to the layers of our skin that immediately filled sunken areas with moisture and lift up the skin. This is done so to fill up areas that have lost their moisture due to reason like ageing.


Cheek Fillers

Saggy, sunken cheek are common as we age. Though we can’t reverse the hands of time, we can slow down this ageing process. By using Imago Cheek Fillers, we can restore and maintain your youthful looking appearance.
By using fillers to lift up the cheek areas, it combats sagging cheeks that make us look older as they sag downwards. With a higher cheek features, your appearance will look younger and more feminine.
We also understand that every individual needs and requirement are different. Thus under the hands of our skilful doctor who has a keen eye for beauty specifications, we are able to provide you with the two best option available Hyaluronic acid and Radiesse.

What is Hyaluronic acid?

Though the word Hyaluronic acid (HA) may contain the scary word acid, it is actually a carbohydrate molecule that is already occurring in our body. It adds moisture to our body, thus by injecting HA on the targeted areas, it is able to plump up the skin, combating sunken areas.