Eyes Windows to your soul

Dark Eye Circle

Tired of looking tired? Let’s face it: dark eye circles, eyebags, eye wrinkles make us look old and tired. Find out how you can have fresher younger looking eyes

Eyelid Rejuvenation

Does “droopy eyes” bother you? Does it affect how you look and how you see? Learn how simple aesthetic treatments can help your eyes look fresher without surgery.

Eyelash Growth

Long eyelashes are the quintessential symbol of femininity for the eyes. Learn how you can grow these eyelashes naturally and prominently.


Suffering from eye conditions like dark circles, eye bags or fine lines are commonly found issues. This usually happen for reasons like aging, muscle fatigue or hereditary. Thought they may not cause an alarm to our health, it is noticeable and can affect our beauty and lifestyle. However, at Imago Aesthetic Clinic, these aren’t an issue anymore. We offer a number of professional treatments that are effective, safe and painless.


With the use of modern machine and technology, a safe and predictable outcome with minimal downtime is to be expected. Not only are they safe, they are also designed to provide you with natural outlook results.


If you are keen on a treatment and would like to know more, you may make an enquiry with us. Do feel free to contact us to book a consultation so that our team of experts may solve all your eye worries.

Dark Eye Circle

Dark circles, wrinkles and general sagging around the eyes is one of the most common signs of ageing. However, Imago Treatments will help you REFRESH, REVIVE and RELAX your skin to achieve a younger complexion.


Under Eye Fillers – (refer to under eye fillers text)

Under Eye Fillers is a popular alternative compared to surgical treatments due to the risk and complications of surgery. Treatment with fillers can reduce the appearance of dark eye circles and eye bags that have been bothering you.
With our proficiency, you can expect:
minimal pain and discomfort,
no downtime with fleeting recovery
Improvement in appearance

Botulinium Treatments

Prominent deep lines are common due to reasons like ageing, smoking and muscle movement. By using Botulinum, our doctors are able to reduce fine lines and facial wrinkles. Once utilised, obvious results are seen.

IMAGO Signature Eye Treatments

Imago signature eye treatments is a customized program designed to targets specific areas all at once. This treatment was made to meet every patient’s different needs and requirements depending on their conditions.

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Eyelid Rejuvenation

Eyelid rejuvenation are usually patients who are suffering from symptoms around the eye area like:

  • Wrinkled skin
  • Fatigued or overworked
  • look
  • Droopy lids

Most of these conditions can be corrected by Imago Eyelid Rejuvenation treatment. By treating on areas like the muscles and skin, the appearance of the affected areas can be reduced. These benefits mostly include:

  • A tighter rejuvenated skin
  • Brighter and youthful appearance
  • Balance outlook between the eyelid and eyebrow area

Enhancing the Eyelid Rejuvenation with Imago Brow Lift Treatments for better outlook effects using our latest FDA Approved Sylfirm-X (refer to Sylfirm X text) and HIFU Eye (refer to HIFU text)



If you have always wanted that natural fuller and longer eyelashes, our Imago Eyelash Growth treatment serum is the preferred choice. Thin eyelashes could be due to reasons like breakage or the pull-out from eyelash extension. Now you can ease your worries and grow that natural looking eyelash


1.Stronger eyelash hair roots,  2.Longer and fuller eyelashes,  3.Repair and renew damaged eyelash


It is a serum designed to assist eyelashes to grow thicker, fuller and renew damaged areas


All you have to do is apply our serum once daily in the evening. It is a simple procedure by just applying it to the base of the upper eyelashes.


Results are expected to be seen around 8 weeks of the treatment. Apply the serum diligently daily for results to be seen early.