Eye Rejuvenation Program


Does “droopy eyes” bother you? Does it affect how you look and how you see? Learn how simple aesthetic treatments can help your eyes look fresher without surgery.

Eyelid Rejuvenation

Eyelid rejuvenation are usually patients who are suffering from symptoms around the eye area like:

  • Wrinkled skin
  • Fatigued or overworked look
  • Droopy lids

Most of these conditions can be corrected by Imago Eyelid Rejuvenation treatment. By treating on areas like the muscles and skin, the appearance of the affected areas can be reduced. These benefits mostly include:

  • A tighter rejuvenated skin
  • Brighter and youthful appearance
  • Balance outlook between the eyelid and eyebrow area

Know More

As everyone is different, our Aesthetic Doctor will specially design a personalized treatment plan just for you during the consultation which can help you to achieve your desired results according to your aesthetic goals and needs.

If you are keen on a treatment and would like to know more, you may make an enquiry with us. Do feel free to contact us to book a consultation so that our team of experts may solve all your eye worries.